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Monday - Friday  9:00 - 5:00
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BOM Westelee

Intermediate level quilting class to explore Westalee’s ruler foot and the templates included in Westalee’s Sampler Set #1.  The class is hands-on, so you’ll have a fun using your templates and practicing some great designs on a real quilt!  Be sure to bring all your questions, too!


·         Be familiar with your sewing machine: wind and change a bobbin, drop your feed dogs, adjust machine tension for free motion quilting, etc. 

·         You’ll enjoy this class most if you’ve had some free motion experience with rulers, but we’ll touch on the basics in class.


·         Westalee ruler foot that fits your machine.

·          Westalee 12” arc template..

·         Westalee Sampler Set #1.  Includes 6 templates. 

·         Westalee Spacing Gauge.  One small template. 

·         Westalee Stable Tape or similar product to keep rulers from slipping on fabric.

·         Westalee Free Motion Glider to cover your machine bed or similar product.

·         Westalee Cross-Hair Square – 8 sections  – suggest 12” size (optional).


·         Sewing machine and accessories; your sewing machine manual; a sewing machine extension table large enough to support rulers.  NOTEyour machine must be in good working order – we’re not able to make repairs during classes.

·         Please put a new needle in your machine before class.  Suggest a 90/14 top stitching needle or a 90/14 quilting needle or a 90/14 sharp needle.  Bring extra needles with you.

·         Thread for quilting.  Please wind a bobbin with your chosen thread before class

·         Quilting gloves.

·         Forceps or long tweezers for pulling bobbin thread to the top of your piece.

·         Marking pen or pencil for marking your quilt.

·         Small scissors.

·         Ruler – 6” x 12” OR similar – whatever you have on hand.


Our Westalee designs for this BOM are stitched onto 8” squares.

·         You may decide to piece your quilt just like the sample shown above.  Directions for this option are shown on the following page.

·         OR, you may decide to stitch the designs on plain 8” squares.   In this case, replace the 4 patch blocks in the design on the next page with 8” squares of plain fabric (cut 8-1/2” x 8-1/2” before piecing).

·         OR, you may decide to just practice designs on fabric swatches.  In this case, cut nine 12” squares of top and backing.  Assemble each into a quilt sandwich.




# to cut

Size to cut

Color 1: blocks

1/2 yard


4-1/2” x wof strips

Color 2: blocks

1/2 yard


4-1/2” x wof strips

Color 3: sashing and borders

1-1/4 yard


6” x wof strips (borders)


2-1/2” x wof strips (sashing)


1-1/4 yard

You may need more backing fabric depending on the finished size of your quilt top. Suggest you finish top before deciding on backing.

Batting  (suggest cotton or 80/20 batting)

43” x 43” square



Wof = width of fabric from selvage to selvage                  

Assemble Blocks (make 9)

Make 2 strip sets

Stitch color-1 strip to color-2 strip

Press toward darker color

Cut each strip set into nine, 4-1/2” sections for blocks.

If the strips sets aren’t quite long enough to cut nine sections, then use the remaining block fabrics to make another 1 or 2 block sections.

Use 2 assembled block sections for each block.

Press seams to one side.


Sub-cut two sashing strips into six, 8-1/2” sections.

Assemble quilt top center with sashing between blocks

Trim sashing strips as needed to fit

Press all seams toward sashing.

Add border strips and press seams toward borders.


Your finished quilt top will be about 40” x 40” or maybe a little less.


Layer quilt top, backing and batting and use your favorite method to secure.

Stitch in the ditch between all sashing and border seams – DO NOT stitch in the ditch within the four-patch blocks 

WHEW!  We’re ready to go – see you in our Westalee BOM class!!!

Skill Level:
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To take this class you must have already taken the beginning ruler class with Irene.
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Irene Huffman is Westalee Educator with Jazz Cat Designs

BOM Westelee

$ 30.00